Version 2020
Music by
Rival Consoles and SebastiAn

The Sound of Engines by Philippe Grégoire
Comme une comète, Les profondeurs, La peau sauvage, Les petites vagues, Ton corps j'ai crié and Nos chemins by Ariane Louis-Seize
Where is Lucy? by Philippe Grenier
I.R.I.S. by Franie-Éléonore Bernier
GIRLFRIENDS by Marie Davignon
Visible by Ariel Poupart
Met du respect dans ton bac and Femme Like U by Philippe Chagnon
COCHE by Kevin T. Landry
A Sweet Little Girl and Stream by Eve Dufaud
Claire and the Elderly by Charles Grenier
Otherwise by Gaelle Baumans
À tous les vents by Jean-Vital Joliat
Campagne BMO by Patrice Ouimet
Campagne Ford by Kiril Shmidov

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